Reduction in communicable disease burden in areas and populations supported by the Access to health fund

Pursuing high-quality DOTS; Enhancing the quality and expanding services to all TB patients, to sustain and further improve case detection and treatment success rates

Implementing areas:
14 townships, Yangon Region (Hlaingtharyar, Insein, Hlegu, Lanmadaw, Pabedan, Pazundaung, Dalla, Seikgyikhanaungto, Twantay, Htantapin, Kayan, Thonekwa, Dawpon, Mingalartaungnyunt)

A community-based approach which combines TB detection and treatment activities with a strong focus on community training and engagement

Project Duration: 2019 – 2020

CBTBC Activity
1. Train TB community volunteer for active case finding and also through SHG
2. Provide Patient support (Health Care package)
3. DOT supervision and adherence counseling
4. Contact Investigation for patient contact persons and industrial zones
5. Health Literacy Promotion
6. Infection Control
7. Supervision and Monitoring to community volunteers

MDR TB Activity
8. Provide evening DOT provision and Side Effect monitoring
9. Infection Control measures
10. Counseling
11. Contact Tracing and Refer
12. MDR TB awareness promotion within community through health literacy session;
13. Assist in special BCC session namely World TB Day celebration to promote community awareness and case finding, school health session;
14. Supervision and Monitoring to community volunteers


Funded by: Access to Health Fund