- Improved maternal, new-born and child health in area supported by the ACCESS Fund
- Reduction in communicable disease burden in areas and populations supported by the Access Fund

- Increased access to and availability of essential maternal and child health services for the poorest and most vulnerable in areas supported by the ACCESS fund
- Delivery of essential services with a focus on maternal and child health, strengthened in target townships
- Strengthened systems for delivery of essential MNCH services
- Enhanced health services accountability and responsiveness through capacity development of target communities, civil society organizations and the public sector
- Pursuing high quality DOTS; Enhancing the quality and expanding services to all TB patients, to sustain and further improve case detection and treatment success rates
- Improving access to and use of early diagnosis and quality treatment according to the national treatment
- Improving access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information for young people
- Improving access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information for general population (≥ 25 years)

Implementing areas: 4 townships, Kayin Region (Hlaingbwe, Hpapun, Myawaddy, Thandaunggyi)

Approach: Community-based health system strengthening (VHC and health volunteer model)

Project Duration: 2019 – 2020

The summary of activities is:
1. Promoting MNCH and TB Malaria for reduction of MMR, IMR, and control of TB, Malaria by providing minimum package:
- VHW training, AMW training, and volunteer health promotion activities, regular data reporting, referral for ECC, EMOC, TB and Malaria patients; and support nutrition activities, care of mother, care of child – deworm, management of childhood pneumonia and diarrhea,
- BHS outreach session (both routine and H2R) for EPI, ANC, etc.
1. Promoting Nutrition for U5 MR and child development;
- BHS outreach session for nutrition promotion – micronutrient powder, IYCF counseling, etc.)
2. Promoting SRHR:
-village peer volunteers will be promoted as peer educators within community especially family planning,
-community mobilization for ASRH, FP, CCP and GBV,
-awareness raising for RTI / STI and HIV,
3. Community Health System Strengthening:
-VHC will be strengthened if there is already exist
-VHC will form if there is absent.
4. Township Health System Strengthening:
-To support NHP and accessible to EPHS, annual township health planning will be supported
- Provide technical and financial support to the township health department
(1) Planning and coordination
(2) Health workforce (supporting trainings of BHS and volunteers)
(3) Health service delivery (support the BHS activities and referral services)
(4) Essential medicines and equipment supply
(5) Supervision and monitoring

Funded by: Access to Health Fund