To contribute in extending and expanding access to a Basic Essential Package of Health Services (BEPHS) to the targeted population.

To mobilize and empower the integrated community volunteers to reduce the burden of tuberculosis
To promote access to early diagnosis and prompt treatment of Tuberculosis and prevailing diseases
To improve the quality of DOTS services for contributing the treatment success rate
To extend and expand the preventive and control activities of prevailing diseases under ICMV scope.

Implementing Areas:
1) Shwebo
2) Khin U
3) Kanbalu
4) Kyunhla
5) Katha
6) Chaung U
7) Salingyi
8) Ayadaw
9) Wetlet
10) Myinmu

REAL Project in Sagaing will continue ICMV approach and Community Based TB Care (CBTBC) approach.

Project Duration:
2019 – 2020

Accelerate the appropriate diagnosis of TB
Identify and treat all forms of TB, among all ages
Promote and strengthen community engagement
Health Literacy Promotion
Contact Investigation
Home Visit & DOTS supervision
Assist to Mobile CXR Team through volunteers

Funded by:
“Access to Health Fund